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The institutionalisation of Parkour in Denmark. A national case of how institutional isomorphism works and affect lifestyle sport


Hojbjerre Larsen, S.



International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics

Publication type

Artículo de revista




Lifestyle sports, action sports, parkour, institutionalisation, sportisation, sport-for-all


Many lifestyle sports are undergoing a process of institutionalisation and sportisation. A growing body of research in the institutionalisation of lifestyle sport is developing. This is especially the case for parkour where researchers have begun analysing how parkour has been developed in different national contexts. By drawing on institutional theory and various empirical data collected through ethnographical field studies, this article offers a qualitative analysis about how the national, socio-cultural context and the sport governance system have coloured the institutionalisation of parkour in Denmark. The institutionalisation has been driven by the practitioners’ interest in getting access to sport facilities and therefore a need to accommodate the sport governance system. But also, at the same time, by the existing associations who are facing challenges to attract young people and therefore integrating parkour into their schedules. Even though the institutionalisation creates tensions, it also illuminates how parkour has been integrated into the existing gymnastic organisations without being turned into an achievement sport, but as a sport-for-all.


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