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Explorando subculturas de rua através das lentes da arte e do desporto: uma análise histórica de danca, bmx, skateboarding e parkour


Pires, I., Marques, L., Silva, L., Silva, M.



E-Revista de Estudos Interculturais

Publication type

Artículo de revista




Arts; BMX; Cultural Practices; Parkour; Skateboarding; Sports; Street Dance; Street Subcultures; Urban Space


Scientific research is preponderant in the development and dissemination of knowledge, and, in this sense, the contemporary city is established as an object of study for understanding the behaviors and influences of cultural and artistic practices emerging in its territory. In our daily lives, we identify cultural and artistic street practices that we know little or nothing about. The fieldwork, carried out as a part of the StreetArtCEI project, has increased our interest in other urban cultural practices that we come across with, alongside graffiti and street art. In this context, we intend to explore street dance, skateboarding, BMX, and parkour, from a holistic perspective. These are inspiring activities practiced individually or in groups, mostly by younger generations, that connect the arts and the sports worlds more than ever.


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