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Episteme Parkour periodically publishes infographics of the publications contained in the repository on its social networks ( Instagram and Facebook ). They detail the results of each investigation and are accompanied by a small assessment of four aspects, each of which can be valued from 1 to 4 points, represented by stars. Where 1 is the lowest rating and 4 the highest.


The assessment of each one of the aspects is based on the application for each publication of the instrument detailed below. This instrument has been designed by Episteme Parkour based on the Assessment Scale for the elaboration of scales as “Formative Assessment Instruments” of the Grupo Actitudes. (Source: ) and it has also been reviewed and valued using the same instrument.


The purpose of carrying out these evaluations is none other than recognizing their quality and giving the reader a reflection on what they read, to face the reading from an objective and critical point of view.


As this is a general instrument, it is possible that on some occasion an aspect, item or part of an item does not apply to certain publications given the wide spectrum of fields of knowledge, types of publications and research that this repository includes.


In any case, Episteme Parkour carries out this task from the most objective point of view possible, without prejudice to the fact that in some cases there may be a difference in criteria when applying the instrument. Episteme Parkour thanks the authors for their effort and interest in investigating the discipline of Parkour and ADD from whatever perspective and informs that the assessment that can be issued from this website is merely indicative, and may be subject to involuntary errors and not taking into account no official and / or academic validity case. Episteme Parkour is not responsible for any conflict that may arise from the interpretation of these results.


Rúbrica de puntuación de publicaciones
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