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"Faire lieu" à travers l'urbain. Socio-anthropologie des pratiques ludo-sportives et auto-organisées de la ville

"Parkour" Un aprendizaje cooperativo

"Parkour" en la escuela: cómo educar en altruismo mediante el movimiento

'Taking back the streets': The return of the pedestrian to Parisian urban space

A Framework for Extreme Locomotion Planning

A Measurement of ‘Walking-the-Wall’ Dynamics: An Observational Study Using Accelerometry and Sensors to Quantify Risk Associated with Vertical Wall Impact Attenuation in Trampoline Parks

A Phenomenological study of the alternative appropiation of urban space by parkour practitioners

A comparison of the habitual landing strategies from differing drop heights of parkour practitioners (Traceurs) and recreationally trained individuals

A displaced paediatric metaphyseal fracture of a distal tibia and fibula sustained during Parkour - A potentially dangerous recreation from France

A door for creativity-art and competition in parkour

A free-runninig case of study

A post-COVID-19 lifestyle sport research agenda: Communication, risk, and organizational challenges

Abordagem histórico-crítica do parkour, seu processo de expansão e realidade na cidade de Salvador

Action sports for youth development: critical insights for the SDP community

Affordance boundaries are defined by dynamic capabilities of Parkour athletes in dropping from various heights

Altazor o el viaje en paracaídas: creación transdisciplinaria en espacios alternativos a partir del displazement

Alternative to team sports: The effects of Parkour on children, adolescents and young adults - A case study

American Genre Film in the French Banlieue: Luc Besson and Parkour

An existential phenomenological examination of parkour and freerunning

An organizational change perspective on the incorporation of parkour in a gymnastics federation

Analysis of Fluency of Movement in Parkour Using a Video and Inertial Measurement Unit Technology

Analysis of Standing Up in Free Running Parkour between Straight Back Flip 360? and 720?

Analyzing flash mobs in cybernetic space and the imminent security threats a collective action based theoretical perspective on emerging sociotechnical behaviors

Angular momentum regulation strategies for highly dynamic landing in Parkour

Análisis crítico de los estereotipos de género en las nuevas tendencias deportivas en los grupos cheerleading (latin warrior) y parkour (natural parkour) del municipio de fusagasugá.

Análisis de los procesos administrativos llevados acabo para la construcción del primer escenario deportivo de parkour. Estudio de caso parque tercer milenio

Application of parkour in physical education: agility learning and improvement

Aprendizaje cooperativo con "Parkour strength"

Aprendizaje cooperativo mediante el parkour en el ciclo superior. Unidad didáctica "Buscando otros caminos… Parkour"

Are Children Attracted to Play Elements with an Open Function?

Art du Deplacement (ADD)/Parkour therapy for people with Parkinson's disease (PDP)

Arts of (dis)placement: City Space and Urban Design in the London of Breaking and Entering

Athletes and street acrobats: designing for play as a community value in parkour

Augmented reality-based rehabilitation of gait impairments: Case report

Automatic Recognition of Playful Physical Activity Opportunities of the Urban Environment

Bans urbains: parkour et banlieues

Beyond Urban Subcultures: Urban Subversions as Rhizomatic Social Formations

Beyond athletic development: The effects of parkour-based versus conventional neuromuscular exercises in pre-adolescent basketball players

Blubilds – drawing diagrammatic stains

Body consciousness in modern urban surroundings. Freerunning and parkour

Body ecology and emersive leisure: Parkour as an interdisciplinary immersion in the city environment

Body-Space-Relation in Parkour : Street Practices and Visual Representations

Breaking the jump: the secret story of parkour's high-flying rebellion

Breaking the jump: the secret story of parkour's high-flying rebellion

Bridging the gap: parkour athletes provide new insights into locomotion energetics of arboreal apes

Buildering, Urban Interventions, and Public Sculpture

Centro de integración social y cultural del Parque Villa Luz

Centro de práctica y entrenamiento de deportes extremos: escalada, parkour y patinaje para jóvenes

Centro deportivo del campus universitario

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