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From employability to ‘complexability’: Creatour – a construct for preparing students for creative work and life


Higdon, R. D.



Industry and Higher Education

Publication type

Artículo de revista




Creative learning, creative work, employability, parkour, work readiness


Higher education students and employers in the creative industries dismiss the prevailing skills-focused concept of ‘employability’ as inadequate. Entry into the creative world and subsequent survival require access to contact networks, confidence and the adaptability to cope with uncertainty and with changing contexts for business, partnerships and innovative opportunities. ‘Complexability’, it is suggested, better describes such interactive abilities. In close work with undergraduates, graduates and practitioners in two contrasting disciplines, architecture and dance, a set of interlocking briefs – the ‘creatour’ construct – emerges for the development of the necessary abilities and perspectives. A dance student’s passion for parkour inspired the construct. The article sets out the rationale behind the development of creatour and the methodology through which it was achieved. Its key stages are explained in detail and initial evaluations are reviewed. Although initially developed for the creative arts, unexpectedly creatour has also been seen as applicable to law, business and medicine.


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