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The Digital Generation's Physical Activities


Pop, C. L.



The Anthropologist

Publication type

Artículo de revista




Web Culture, Skateboarding, Biking, Parkour, Winter Olympic Games


This paper is an original approach about the informal physical activities and the preferences of the youngsters. Digital generation is the young generation born after the PC (personal computer) and Internet was largely introduced. From the early years of life they grow up with computer games, having accounts on social online communities and searching for information on Internet. Sports have their own place in this contemporaneous trend and are in tight relationship with web cultural elements, exploring new spaces and possibilities. Rollers, skateboarders, bikers or the ones who use just their own body for creating new, original movements, and tricks are using new patterns of learning, exercising and communicating. Instead of explanations they use the mobile phone to video recorder and watch the drills. The young people communities formed by common interests, sharing experiences and knowledge have a certain social and cultural value. The high speed, the high technology (IT gadgets) and a high level of adrenaline are, in author’s opinion, the three main factors that define the spirit of the young generation physical activity.


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