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Spinal cord injury in Parkour sport (free running): A rare case report


Derakhshan, N. et al.



Chinese Journal of Traumatology - English Edition

Publication type

Artículo de revista




Spinal cord injuries, Cervical vertebrae, Athletic injuries


A 24-year-old male was transferred to the emergency department while being in the state of quadriplegia with a history of performing Parkour sport, which is also called double front flip. Neurological examination revealed that the patient’s muscle power was 0/5 at all extremities. The patient did not show any sense of light touch or pain in his extremities. In radiological studies, cervical spine X-ray and CT scan images showed C4-C5 subluxation with bilateral locked facets and spinal cord injury. The results of this very rare case study revealed that exercising Parkour sport without taking into account safety standards could result in irreversible injuries to the cervical spinal cord with fatal outcome.


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