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Fuzzy evaluation to parkour social value research based on AHP improved model


Guo, Y., Guo, X. & Sun, X.



BioTechnology: An Indian Journal

Publication type

Artículo de revista





Parkour requires better physical quality and psychological quality, its features is continuously overcoming psychological limit and physical limit, self-break, getting passed obstacles. In recent years, it has been rapidly developed in China, and generates larger influences on each aspect of society, especially in the youth group, evaluates its social value is emphasis and direction of present scholars researches. This paper makes analysis and research on parkour social value by documents literature as well as establishing mathematical model. Setting and classifying value system to do comprehensive evaluation, it gets each sub factor weight by analytic hierarchy process, and then it gets parkour social value evaluation by fuzzy mathematical evaluation. Research shows the sport development in China has benefits in whole society culture, economy, body building, and ecology and so on; final evaluated social value result is higher


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