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Choreographic techniques for human bodies in weightlessness


Dipert, R.A.



Acta Astronautica

Publication type

Artículo de revista




Moment of inertia, Rotation, Human body, Dance, Movement control, Weightlessness


Microgravity environments present unique movement and perceptual challenges which are most appropriately explored by movement professional. The high cost of microgravity and space endeavors place utilization of the time in those environments at a premium. We have identified techniques which can be practiced on Earth to increase competence of motion and develop a deeper understanding of reorientation of the human body in microgravity. This research has focused on understanding strategies for planning and executing specific movements, which can be explored in precise and low cost ways. A simulator was coded to explore the dynamics of the human body, which allows for visual and numeric calculations of the body’s moment of inertia eigenvectors and center of mass in a variety of positions. The maneuvers were explored with dance, circus, and parkour artists through the use of parabolic flights, pools, and aerial harnesses.


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